When You May Need Litigation

There are many ways in which law can be practised, but you may not be aware of them. For example, do you know exactly what litigation these? Do you know all of the areas which it covers? We can look at some of those areas here to help you understand a little bit more about when you might need someone to help you with the legal ins and outs of litigation. Whether you are in business, or you need help as an individual, there are multiple ways in which you might need this service.

Commercial Reasons for Litigation

There are plenty of disputes which you might need to try and resolve. When you find yourself in this situation that is when you can think about hiring a litigation lawyer. Building work can often lead to disputes, and occupational health and safety is closely linked to this area. Corporations might face disputes as well, including contractual and confidentiality disputes. Shareholders might wish to bring a dispute against others with a stake in the company. You may also wish to hire a lawyer to help you recover from debt, enter insolvency, or settle claims that your employees are making. Licensing and franchising are also areas that require legal aid.

Individual Reasons for Litigation

You will see that many of the reasons why an individual might need help tend to be quite similar to those experienced by businesses, but from the other side. You could make a claim for constructive dismissal if you had a litigation lawyer on your side. If you have gone into debt, a lawyer can help you to restructure. Advice on employment, the contracts that you sign, following of national employment standards, redundancy, termination, and unfair dismissal or termination of employment can also be of concern. General insurance is something that could require legal advice, and if you feel that you have been discriminated against or harassed, you might make a claim. Personal injury can also fall under the umbrella of litigation.

How to Get Started

If you feel that you fall into one of the above categories and therefore need legal aid, you can get started very easily. All you have to do is to first of all find the law firm that will help you out. There are plenty of law firms in the market, so find one that is local to your location. Talk to someone there who can help you out, and see what they think. They should give you the advice as to whether you can proceed or not.