Act Before It Is Too Late

It is extremely important to know each of your basic and civic rights. Your knowledge about such rights can be helpful in protecting yourself during adverse situations like an arrest. If you do not possess much knowledge about how to defend yourself in such conditions then it may seem a grave problem in future. Try keeping yourself away from further troubles and know the ways of handling those situations before it is too late. This will inevitably save your reputation or goodwill manifold.

Are you under arrest?

When you are under arrest the police officer may start asking you questions. They may find some indirect methods of interrogating you. Under no circumstances lose your calm and fight them or try resisting them physically. You should constantly be respectful to the officer. They are just doing their duty while attempting to place an interrogation session. The best thing on your part would be to remain silent until you get in touch with an eminent criminal lawyer.

Get in touch with an attorney

When you have been charged with legal or criminal issues, there is hardly any better way than getting in touch with an attorney. Once you are arrested, you will be allowed to make only a single phone call. That is the moment when you should dial your attorney's number. If you do not have any criminal lawyer in your contact list, call any of your friends or relatives so that they can get you, one famous attorney. When he arrives, he will talk to you extensively and will provide you with the necessary advice. He will also mention what actions are to be taken under such circumstances. Learn more here about criminal law cases.

The further formalities that should be undertaken

The next step of being arrested is to appear yourself on the court along with your lawyer. If you have the opportunity of getting a bail and get released you need to undergo a process called an arraignment. During this whole process, your criminal attorney will show you as a not guilty. At that time, the opposition would surely be challenged and would require proving that you are actually guilty. While looking for a competent criminal law firms Adelaide, do take suggestions from somebody who understands practices regarding the law. If any of your family members or friends has been working for any legal association, that person can be of great help. Even if their practice is not associated with criminal law, they can, at least, refer you to one an efficient and eminent criminal attorney. The prosecution must present some evidence to prove your guilt. But, until the time he submits evidence against you, you would remain an innocent by the judgment of the court.